James Wilson photographed by Jürgen Bauer

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Announcing a New Novel

I am thrilled to announce that my sixth novel, Coyote Fork, is to be published by the excellent Slant Books (opens in a new tab/window).

It will be available from 1st September in the U.S. and 5th November in the U.K.

British journalist Robert Lovelace has travelled to California to report on the social media giant Global Village. He is horrified by what he finds: a company — guided by the ruthless vision of its founder, Evan Bone — that seems to be making journalism itself redundant. Appalled, he decides to abandon the project and return home.

But as he is leaving, he has a disconcerting encounter that sends him off in a totally different direction. Soon he finds himself embarked on an increasingly fraught and dangerous mission. The aim: to uncover the murky truth about Evan Bone’s past and his pathological disregard for the human cost of the behemoth he has created.

Robert’s obsession takes him on a compelling quest through Internet-era America, from a small college town in the Midwest to the site of a former hippie commune in northern California. Finally, he makes a startling discovery—and is thrown into a completely unforeseen existential dilemma.

Click to download a PDF of the publisher’s Press Kit in a new tab / window.

Advance praise for Coyote Fork

“A slickly effective, tightly-written neo-noir that successfully reimagines that genre’s fatalist vision of human depravity into the no less cynical era of social media: in which, as in the noir classics of old, nobody — not the protagonist gumshoe, not the ostensible femme fatale, not the idealists — comes out unscathed.”
Tara Isabella Burton, author of Social Creature: A Novel

“Fast-paced, edgy, spooky at times, and always elegantly written, Coyote Fork tells the story of one man’s struggle to uncover the truth in a post-truth world; James Wilson raises profound questions about power, responsibility and the enduring influence of the past on the present in a thrilling tale that takes us through death threats, hatred, suicide and murder.”
Sarah LeFanu, author of Something of Ourselves

Coyote Fork is like a Ross MacDonald novel for the 21st century: exciting, hard-boiled and fast-paced, but profound and philosophical too. It's such an acute analysis of our contemporary situation, where vicious scapegoating can parade as inclusivity, and technological utopianism can enable delusional despotism. There’s real metaphysical depth to the questions it raises about our rooted past and our greatly-threatened future – but at the same time it’s an incredibly exciting, page-turning read, full of sharp dialogue and great characters. (Man, I loved so many of those characters – all so recognisable, but never clichéd!) A stunning achievement.”
Tobias Jones, author of The Salati Case, Blood on the Altar and Utopian Dreams

Coyote Fork is a gripping thriller that had me turning the pages – not just because of its compelling narrative but also because it raises crucial questions. In this story of a man almost literally haunted by a past lover and impelled by guilt, James Wilson warns about the direction our society is taking towards both surveillance by Silicon Valley and the social media witch-hunts those giants enable. The author shows how our lives and our future are increasingly controlled by a handful of men whose instincts are inimical to the values of a democratic society. The point is powerfully made by some ingenious surprises along the way in this witty and thought-provoking novel.”
Charles Palliser, author of The Quincunx

“As well as being beautifully written, Coyote Fork is a clever and unsettling fable for our times, with much to say about the contemporary world and the future of humanity.”
Helen E. Mundler, author of L’Anglaise 

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